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  • Shadez Designers Blue Light Panther Print Brown

  • Shadez Designers Blue Light Zebra Pink

  • Shadez Designers Blue Light Black and White Straight Stripes

  • Shadez Designers Blue Light Polka Dot White

  • Shadez Blue Light Yellow

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      ABOUT US Welcome to – the one- stop trusted eye wear online shop. We provide you with the easiest eyewear shopping experience. only provides you with branded…

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Vintage Collection

We have launched a collection of our Vintage sunglasses dating back from the 1990's. We offer you some of the most iconic designs and we are giving you a chance to get a hold of some of the rarest models from the world's most famous eyewear Manufacturers. Check our collection of Cartiers, Versace, Police and Giorgio Armani and many more!

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  • I love my shadez sunglass so much. Its so comfortable to wear especially on summer, the fitting is so perfect. I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends..

    Javed Aj
  • One of the best blue light protection eyewear that i have. I love the fitting and the design of Shadez Eyewear! Its so comfortable to wear especially for my computer works. I wear my eyeglass everywhere i go its so casual and perfect. Highly recommended to all the eyelasses lovers!!

    Riz Reveral
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